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How To Choose A Lawyer?

Are you a business owner? Do you need to find a good lawyer? Finding good lawyers is critical to your situation and has significant impact on success or failure. What are situations when an entrepreneur should have a lawyer? Any situation that can have a legal impact to your business should be consulted with a lawyer. Here are some examples:

- Choosing the right business structure
- Obtaining financing
- Signing complicated contracts
- Lease negotiation
- Employee / HR issues including hiring an employee
- Protecting intellectual property
- Acquisition of another company

There are certainly more situations where an entrepreneur should consult with a lawyer, but this provides you with a good idea of when to look for a good lawyer. What needs to be looked at when hiring a lawyer? Hire a specialist and not a generalist. A "Jack of all trades, master of none" can provide you with average results, but depending on your situation the specialist will get you where you need to be. Understand the fee structures and how much the legal advice will cost you really. Try not to buy legal knowledge alone. A lawyer with the right connections and a network of contacts can eventually provide you with more than just legal knowledge. Networking is an important task for any entrepreneur to be successful. Fire a lawyer if he or she does not perform. Waiting too long can cost you more than just an 'arm and a leg'. Be cost-effective. Some things you can do yourself instead of having your lawyer do it (and charge you for it). Make sure you like the lawyer. Nothing is worse than dealing with a person you hate - no matter how good he or she is.

Choosing the right lawyer is a little bit like a lottery. But you have the chance to improve your chances by doing the appropriate research upfront.

About the Author: Christoph Puetz is a well respected author and business owner. He has published books on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and also runs a successful small business. He operates a website as well as a small business blog.

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