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Call Center Management

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Call Center


The ideal book written directly for call center management.

A must-read for supervisors, team leaders, managers, trainers and executives.

Are you ready to manage your call center? The premise of this book is clear. When management understands the human initiative, and creates a roadmap that stresses performance through people, organizations and customers win.

How to Become a GREAT Call Center Manager teaches managers to become GREAT at call center supervision, training, coaching and leadership. Includes strategies, worksheets and custom designed outlines for all levels of call center management.

After every section there is a question to probe readers about their thoughts on call center management. And, throughout the book are worksheets to guide call center management and their development. Plus, the book contains 45 "quick strategies" for call center managers.

Become the best call center manager!

Also by Dan is...

Building Call Center Culture goes beyond most management books. Why? Because this book explores the "human element". Most books about the customer contact center study technology, setting up call centers, the industry, etc. This book takes "people supervision" as its central theme and builds upon it. Dan Coen, the author, is an industry expert with a creative mind. He thinks "out-of-the-box". Mr. Coen believes that supervising people, not the technology people use, is what makes a call center tick! Building Call Center Culture will help your supervisors, team leads and manager build world-class, effective, and fun programs for your call center. Whether you have 2 employees on the telephone or Internet, or 2000 employees, this book is a great addition to your business and your staff.

From the Author
I am excited about Building Call Center Culture. I have seen far too many supervisors and team leads fail to understand how to manage and motivate employees. Consequently, I have seen managers and Vice Presidents suffer at building culture, feedback, contests and success. This book will help management better supervise those employees that use the Internet and the telephone. It teaches call centers how to add culture and prosperity through people.

Other Call Center Management items of interest

Are you overworked, unappreciated and under-resourced? This book understands you, and provides years and years of User Support experience packed into one volume. The 'How To' book that every IT department needs, it will help turn your helpdesk into a company asset. How to be successful at probably the most stressful job in IT

This book offers tools for measuring productivity and features ten key steps for successful support, while User Support successes and failures are revealed in true life case studies.

This book gives you techniques for:
*Justifying staff and other expenditure
* Gaining senior management support
* Getting the users on your side
* Running a motivated and productive team
* Designing and managing services and service levels

The second edition of this popular book brings updates to several of the author's ideas, strategies and techniques with new material on:

* Customer Relationship Management - definition and the role of the helpdesk
* E-Support and the Internet
* Contrasting the Call Center and the Helpdesk
* first, second and third line support
* Operational Level Agreements
* Strategies for backlog management
* Telephone technologies in user support

In addition there is:
* A new Template for a Service Level Agreement
* An Improved cost justification model for the Internal Helpdesk
* A New cost justification model for the External Helpdesk

New topics include:
- Lines of support
- The rise of the call center
- Knowledge bases
- The Intranet
- The Internet
- The external helpdesk
- Backlog management
- Industry standards
- Calculating headcountReflects technological advancements in software and the Internet
Covers new ways of working: teleworking; virtual offices; keeping staff and customers connected through corporate networks from remote locations.

Brad Cleveland is President and CEO of ICMI, and Publisher of Call Center Management Review. He is author of ICMI’s Call Center Management Dictionary, co-author of Call Center Management on Fast Forward, and co-editor of ICMI’s handbook/study guide series of publications on call center management.

Susan Hash is Editor-In-Chief of Call Center Management Review. She is author of Guide to Customer Service Teams and How to Hire the Best Service Professionals. She has been a business journalist for more than 15 years, and has received notable journalism awards for reporting on the customer service industry.

There is simply no way to establish and operate an effective call center environment without a solid understanding of the principles behind forecasting, staffing, scheduling, service level, queuing dynamics and real-time management. Originally published in the pages of Call Center Management Review, these articles were selected for their educational value, practicality, and most importantly, coverage of timeless call center management principles. 104 pages, paperback, more than 35 charts and graphs.

Reveals how to boost morale, streamline business processes, and inspire outstanding performance from frontline sales and service staff. Creative and practical book gives instant help to anyone who knows the difficulties of managing in the diverse and dynamic contact center environment. Softcover.

Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees reveals how to boost morale, streamline business processes, and inspire outstanding performance from frontline sales and service staff.

This creative and practical book gives instant help to anyone who knows the difficulties of managing in the diverse and dynamic contact center environment.


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